11008580_10152971859390945_8544260380667183662_n John B. Switzer is a rare breed among college professors:  he’s a constitutional conservative.  His expertise in the areas of religion, history, and intercultural understanding is well known throughout the southeast.  Passionate and engaging, the excellence of his teaching has been recognized several times by Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama, where he has taught since 2003 (www.shc.edu).  He is a professor of theology and has served as director of Graduate Programs in Theology & Ministry, responsible for theological education in four cities throughout the southeast US.  He now serves as director of the Center for Interreligious Understanding at Spring Hill College.  He is a former Democrat and a former Republican, having served on county executive committees for each of these major parties.  He and his wife Patsy near Ocean Springs, where they own and operate a small restaurant and catering business (www.LagniappeRestaurant.com).

All commentary on this website is the original production of John B. Switzer unless otherwise noted.  It does not represent the opinion or policy of Spring Hill College, its Faculty, Staff, Board of Trustees or Students.   All of these persons and corporate bodies are quite capable of speaking for themselves. 

Photographs are believed to be in the public domain or are used with permission.  If you are the owner of a photograph used on this website and proper attribution has been overlooked, please contact Prof. Switzer to have the image removed immediately.

Comments and passionate debate from readers are actively encouraged.  Vulgar language is not acceptable here, nor will ad hominem attacks be allowed.  Comments from readers represent their own views and opinions and should not be misinterpreted as necessarily implying any agreement by the owner of this blog.

Correspondence to John should be directed through the following email address:    jswitzer@shc.edu

John also has a theology blog located at:  http://www.LessRomanMoreCatholic.com


6 thoughts on “About

    • It would be great if they’d click on the link to “follow” the blog. They would get an automatic email anytime the blog is updated. Let me know if they have any problems, and thanks for recommending The Liberty Professor!

  1. Beth and all, I am happy to report that I’ve installed an “Email” widget on all the blog pages. Just click on “Email” and enter the address of a friend. They’ll get an invitation to check out The Liberty Professor! Thanks for a great idea ….

  2. Well that is interesting. My first thought when I read the post of the debate was that you were a professor at Liberty University (where our youngest daughter went). I clicked on the “about” tab and was surprised to find that you live in Ocean Springs. We lived there for 4 years in the early ’80s (Windsor Park). I was glad to find this, and appreciated your blog on the debate.

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