The Liberty Professor Returns

ID-100325327The Liberty Professor has decided to return from more than a year of self-imposed exile from writing.  Stay tuned for more of the honest political and social analysis that you have come to expect from this blog. It all comes with a new, fresh look for the blog website.

As Memorial Day approaches, remember those who have given the highest of all sacrifices. When you see a service member in public, please don’t be shy about offering a word of thanks.

Many of my regular readers have inquired of the reasons for my recent silence. It came from a misguided attempt to avoid causing offense to those whom I feel called to serve in ministry and education. But, as I say, that was misguided. The fact is that we humans are meaning-makers (“hermeneuts” as theologians and philosophers prefer to call us). In our task of making meaning of life we often find ourselves in disagreement. Perhaps this is as it should be, given the heavy responsibility we bear as people driven to find life’s purpose.

As we each find our way we are bound to disagree! Why must we shy from disagreement since it is such an obvious part of human life? I have decided not to retreat from it any further, but to return to passionate and respectful debate of the political and social issues of our time. Please join me. Let us be positive role models to our society of just what it can mean when mature adults argue their convictions with passion, but with respect as well.

Avoiding argumentation is futile of one realizes that the goal of arguing is to discover the truth. As I have pointed out before, the root of our word “argue” is the Latin word arguere, meaning “to make clear.” We owe it to one another to be able to argue respectfully. Staying silent cannot bring us closer to that goal.

With so much at stake in the current political climate, I have decided that silence is deadly. Join me in the debate!

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6 thoughts on “The Liberty Professor Returns

  1. I will look forward to your insightful comments. Even though we might disagree, I agree that in debate and mutual consideration of others opinions causes growth and perchance change. God Bless you.

  2. My Dad and I loved to argue, but it upset my Mother. She didn’t understand that we did it with respect and love. My marriage to Jack is also based on the freedom to express our opinions to each other – with respect and love. Listening to other opinions with an open mind can be hard but its so much easier when you feel that it is a two way street. So – let the arguing begin!

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