The Liberty Professor Endorses Chris McDaniel for US Senate

McDanielPerhaps there is nothing more wonderful, more perplexing, or more troublesome than the challenge of discovering where we belong in life. As a Christian and theologian, I believe that life is God’s greatest gift to each of us. It is a gift that must be unwrapped daily, little by little. It can forever surprise and delight us.

The poet e. e. cummings was a unique person. To be oneself, he argued, is the toughest challenge of all. “To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”

Yet discovering yourself is the first challenge.

I have come to realize that I am simply not called to the political arena. God has opened new possibilities for the fulfillment of my life’s genuine vocation. We academic types are used to argumentation. In some ways we even thrive on it. Others are not used to it and find it not only baffling, but confrontational as well. I do not wish my political commitments to be a barrier to those to whom I may be called to minister.

My political commitments have certainly not changed. But I will no longer be a public spokesman for those commitments. This will be the final post for The Liberty Professor.

These are unsettling times for constitutionalists. We are under fire from both sides of the political aisle. We are labelled with the cruelest of names and accused of the most vile of attitudes–for no other reason than the fact that we have asked important questions. Has government become too unwieldy? Is it too powerful? Are both major parties responsible for growing the size and scope of government for the sake of their respective agendas?

I believe the proper response to each of these questions is assuredly “yes.”

As we approach the 2014 midterm elections, Mississippi has an opportunity to make history. In my opinion, Sen. Thad Cochran has not done enough to support the Constitution. He is a big-government Republican whose time in DC should come to an end. With this post I thank him publicly for his service and I humbly ask him to return home as a private citizen.

In addition, I happily and vigorously endorse Chris McDaniel, whom I believe will bring a new voice to Washington politics on behalf of the good people of Mississippi. I have met Chris. I have heard him speak. I believe he is a genuine constitutionalist.

It goes without saying that I don’t always agree with Chris McDaniel. No one with a brain should agree with any politician all the time. There are things I would say differently than McDaniel. There are ways I would emphasize the message differently. But one thing is absolutely certain to me: Chris McDaniel is a person of profound integrity and soul-searching honesty.

I believe Chris McDaniel will join political forces with other elected officials in DC who are “fighting the good fight” to bring back to the national debate a full appreciation of the power of limited government as laid out in our Constitution. For that reason I support him without reservation.

Humbly, I ask you to give Chris your consideration. Think of the future and the burden being placed upon your children and your grandchildren. Think of the unbridled power and expense being accumulated in the halls of the federal government. Then take note of the growing clamor of false accusations and mud being slung toward McDaniel and his campaign. It speaks louder than words. It tells you that some powerful people are very afraid of the McDaniel campaign message.

Ideas are dangerous. McDaniel has a good idea: let’s be faithful to the Constitution.

Please mark your calendar. The Republican primary is set for June 3rd. I urge you to cast your vote for Chris McDaniel, and to vote for him a second time in the general election on November 4th. I have already contacted my neighbors and asked them to consider Chris. I hope you will do likewise.

It is a great honor to offer this endorsement, and it serves as a fitting way to bring this blog to a close.  May God bless America, and may God preserve the Constitution.


8 thoughts on “The Liberty Professor Endorses Chris McDaniel for US Senate

  1. “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde

    Or from a different perspective:

    “Be yourself, unless you suck.” Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy, Firefly, etc)

  2. John I will sincerely miss your posts. Gabriel and I were talking just the other day about you and wondering why there have been no posts in so long. I guess now we know. May God continue to bless you in whatever direction He has directed you. I have enjoyed our dialogue over the past couple of years. My political education will be hindered
    With your ‘retirement’ from your politeia vocation. God bless

  3. I’m very sad to see the end of your blog, John. I respect your opinion on political matters and you’ve always given me something further to consider in my own thoughts and opinions. But, I also respect your decision to follow your own personal path in life. I can only wish you the best. Beth

  4. John,

    I am very disappointed to learn of your decision, and I implore you to reconsider. I cannot help but wonder if you have been pressured into it.

    I stumbled across you blog by accident, but became a regular follower. I have missed your posts recently and have wondered where you have been. I think that you may be misjudging your calling. As I have written to you before, my profession requires me to follow economics and therefore government policy and politics daily. I spend a lot of time studying it. The one thing that you brought to the debate, that I have found nowhere else is a theological point of view. John, the country is failing our children and grandchildren. It is failing the poor and disadvantaged, the very people that the left claims to care about. All one needs to do is look at the educational outcomes, unemployment, breakdown of the family, rising dependency, and be honest to see it.

    To paraphrase an old statement – good men should not do nothing.

    Please find a way to continue to share your thoughts. If not on this blog, then perhaps with a nome de plume.

    I will follow your other blog, and perhaps haunt your there 🙂

    Whatever your decision, thank you for your service, and god bless you.


    • William, I cannot tell you what an honor you have bestowed upon me by your kind words. I promise to be open to the Spirit’s prompting on this issue. I suspect that political issues will arise on my theological blog, though I may perhaps choose to deal with them somewhat differently. Please remember me in your prayers. ~John

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