Obama the Avenging Angel

untitledHere in the South we have an old saying that comes to mind in times like these:  “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

When Barack Obama was elected to the presidency in 2008, he pulled off the greatest political hoax of all time. Then he did it again in 2012, to an even greater and more damaging degree.  In 2008 most Americans didn’t know who he really was or what he stood for.  They elected him in spite of this.  By 2012 they did know–and they re-elected him anyway.

Internationally, Barack Obama intends to put the United States in its place.  Domestically, he intends to fix what has been wrong with the nation since its founding.  American capitalism is a gangrenous limb to him that must be amputated, even if the patient doesn’t recognize its poison.  For the next four years he will be relentless.  He will saw, hack, and chop off anyone and any institution that stands in his way.  Helping him in his hell-bent mission are his union and corporate minions whose pockets are stuffed with government cash disguised as “stimulus funding” and “quantitative easing.”

Nothing matters to him but his goal:  certainly not truth or honesty.  He is not interested in governing for the good of all.  He seeks only to divide us into competing constituencies where he can demonize those whose personal sacrifice has brought them success.  Those who have built businesses, earned salaries, and saved for retirement have done it by unjust treatment of others.  They have accomplished these things by harming, depriving, and cheating others whose backs were the stepping stones to their wealth.  So he believes.

You see, for Barack Obama, capitalism is not a form of economic freedom.  It’s not a way of social interaction for the sake of mutual benefit.  It’s a system of theft.  It’s dishonest.  It’s diseased.  It must be cut out.

And how does he propose to do it?  The first stage is already complete.  He has stolen from free-market enterprise the very language that explains it.  Back in July the president reminded us that “if you were successful somebody along the line gave you help.”  He went on to say that “if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”  Then, in October, he offered this insight: “As Abraham Lincoln understood, there are some things that we do better together.”

For all of his limitations, Obama is a master political strategist.  He learned his strategy from the very best of socialist agitators.  He is, after all, a community organizer.  His talents are to be found in primarily one area:  mobilizing mobs who make demands while threatening with the possibility of violence.  He does this by hijacking the message of his political adversaries, reframing that message and then turning it against them.

Let me make it clear in the examples I gave from Obama’s campaign speeches earlier this year.  He says there are some things we do better together.  He says we need each other to be economically successful.  He says we need the expertise and talents of others to build businesses.  Those of us who believe in economic liberty (free-market exchange of capital) already know this.  We understand that we can only build our businesses with the help of others … that’s why we put them to work, paying higher wages to the best and brightest.  That’s why business competitors are always offering more incentives and greater benefits to workers!

When Barack Obama says “we,” he doesn’t mean “we free people.”  He means “we the government–we the ones with the armed power of the state who can take what we want from anyone we wish.”  He means “we who will tax, spend, and redistribute as we wish.” He also means “we who will allow you keep an appropriate amount of what you’ve earned, saved, or inherited.”  This is the all-wise, all-powerful “we” of tyrannical government. This is the very government that is seizing control of healthcare, inserting its bureaucrats into your medical decisions, raising taxes, destroying the value of the dollar, and making plans to confiscate private retirement funds.

To accomplish all that he hopes, President Obama must have the backing of the people as willing accomplices in his tyranny.  He can only get this cooperation if he convinces enough Americans that their dream of freedom and economic success was a nightmare from which they must be awakened.  It appears he may have already accomplished this.  Our nation’s founders feared this tyranny of the majority and attempted to establish a governmental system that would prevent it.  We have chipped away at the precautions they left us.

Obama’s goal is simple:  tax, spend, and create fiat money so fast and ferociously that the entire economic and financial system implodes.  When it does, the president will calmly step forward with his head held high and his chin thrust forward. “All is well,” he will tell us. “We, the government, will make all of this right for you.”  In their fear and panic, most Americans will agree to anything that appears to give them security.  Governmental power, already at a dangerous all-time high, will increase exponentially.  The remaking of America will then be complete.

Like I said, you ain’t see nothin’ yet.


8 thoughts on “Obama the Avenging Angel

  1. John, this last election proves that I know nothing! Absolutely nothing. I put my volunteer time, money and emotion into the election and was devastated by the results. The results prove to me that we have crossed a tipping point where the takers now outnumber the makers. The unproductive now have the power via the government to drain the resources of the productive just as a snake would eat itself beginning at the tail. I shudder to think where we will be by the end of this President’s term.

  2. Sam, my second reaction to the election results was, “I need to upgrade my sources of information.” Like John, I was primed for Republican victory; I fell hard. What happened?

    I believe that, in our enthusiasm to see Obama ditched, we failed to properly weigh the effect of the animosity toward grass-roots activists—Tea Party, 9/12, Ron Paul delegates—displayed at the national convention in Tampa. The key piece of evidence for me is Romney getting two million fewer votes than McCain! Considering the buyers-remorse vote moving from Democrat ’08 to Republican ’12, that stat seems incredible.

    Something BIG happened, and I believe it happened at the convention. As folks were headed home from Tampa, I watched a single YouTube video two or three times. An attractive young woman, a tea party leader from Texas in her white cowboy hat and white outfit was headed home, appalled at the (as she saw them) totally gratuitous, strong-arm, steam roller tactics employed by the Romney-Sununu-Boehner Republicans.

    This particular Texan had, over the weeks leading up to the convention, worked up some personal enthusiasm for Romney, even though Mitt hadn’t made her top five when the primaries began. The Republican National Convention crushed her tentative hopes.

    She was headed home to think about it.

    Whatever the result of her personal struggle, she is my understanding of the loss.

    Apparently, for lots of folks, the economy-only argument offered by Romney just wasn’t very compelling, not in the ears of people listening with bated breath for some mention, any mention of the Constitution. The economy, after all, is like gravity, things will eventually conform. Collectivism failed in Plymouth and Jamestown; it will fail every painful time it’s tried. But salvaging the Constitution from decades of decay . . . well, that cause never made an appearance in this election.

    So Romney, as McCain before him, left Americans with the question, “Is voting worth getting pegged for jury duty when my choices are between two imperialists, Goldman-Sachs, Monsanto red and Goldman-Sachs, Monsanto blue?”

    Call me silly, but I believe the pre-Progressive Constitution still has a winning constituency.

  3. The thing though is that socialism/communism etc. literally can’t sustain itself. Russia went from murdering capitalists to offering 13% tax rates to get capitalists to come back to the former communist state. The ruling political class would rather have 13% of something than 100% of nothing under communism. A similar process has undertaken in China.

    When something is mathematically impossible it can no longer continue. If socialists destroy the dollar nobody will buy US bonds and they will be unable to carry out their socialist utopia. Worst case scenario is the US gov becomes insolvent and collapses like the former USSR due to junk credit rating and skyrocketing interest rates. What would follow would be a Balkanization (Texas would be an independent republic or form a new union with economically free states, etc..).

    If only people would learn from history, history wouldn’t have to keep repeating itself.

  4. What a pandering article… I guess since you’re a professor, unlike your students you don’t need to cite your work. It’s like you’re only addressing people that already believe you… you don’t care that there are people like me who might actually want to be convinced by facts. (Which you include very few of.)

    I guess when I googled “How is America moving towards socialism,” I expected to find articles that listed comprehensive data… All you do in this article is villainize the President. You put words in his mouth and say what he is without justifying your opinion with quotes or really anything substantive. You have 2 links both of which link to quotes you’ve taken out of their context. I would expect more from a college professor. Surely your students write better than this…

    • Thanks for your comments, Stephen. I encourage you to look around and read other articles rather than simply take one out of context. The entire blog should be approached as a whole. I think you’ll find plenty of evidence for my positions if you read every post in situ. For instance, the first quotation from Mr. Obama was dealt with in an earlier post. I was careful to put the quotation in context.

      I’ll be the first to admit that some of my posts are better than others. This one was simply a prediction based upon the evidence I’ve already provided in lots of other posts. I hope you’ll visit those. Many of them are simply loaded with the evidence you seek. And I do applaud you for demanding evidence.

      On the other hand, feel free to propose a question or challenge any of my statements. I’ll happily respond with all the evidence available. Let’s jump into the details. The ball is in your court, as they say.

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