With Another Four Years, Obama Plans to “Perfect Our Union”

This morning’s early reports indicate that by the slimmest of margins in the popular vote, Barack Obama has managed to be re-elected to the presidency.  Drudge is reporting the numbers as 59,532,820 for Obama and 56,931,709 for Romney.  With such a small lead, is there any question that every votes counts?  Is there any question why voter fraud and intimidation are such detestable practices?

Though my election predictions have been exploded by reality, I’m too worried about the state of our nation to fret about any possible loss of personal prestige.  In formulating my expectations for yesterday’s elections, I leaned heavily upon the insights of other, more experienced commentators like Scott Rasmussen and Michael Barone.  Though I was wrong, state-by-state analysis demonstrates that the race was so tight that minor differences in results would have given us a Romney presidency quite easily.

Still, I was wrong.  And for that I am sorry.

Probably my greatest handicap in formulating predictions was my own hope that America had awakened from the “Benefits-R-Us” dreamland into which it has ventured over the last few decades.  That hope blinded me.  Millions turned out to vote in person yesterday and in early voting during the preceding weeks and for far too many, the turnout was inspired by the hope of keeping the government spigot of cash turned on.  They prefer a bit of comfort now to the long-term stability that can protect their futures and those of their children.

Make no mistake about it:  that future is in peril.  With $16 Trillion of debt (the total we owe as a nation), massive deficit (the loss taken by the federal government because it’s paying out more than it’s taking in), the loss of religious freedom, uniformed thugs standing in front of polling places, foreign policy in shambles inflation on the rise, and government misrepresentation of economic realities, one wonders just how bad it has to get before more of us wake up.

Is the promise of big government and its cash benefits enough to buy us off?  It would seem that in the contemporary American political arena, the “good guys” are the ones who keep the government benefits coming for individuals as well as particular corporations. The “bad guys” are the ones who prophetically remind us that national debt like ours is a monster that will not wait forever to be paid.

As commentator Charles Hurt wrote early this morning, “politicians simply tax those who do not support them and give the money to those who do.  Or give the money to those they would like to have support them.”  He fears that it’s “the end of the line.  Game over.”

“Thou shall not steal,” they say, unless of course it’s by majority vote.  I suspect we turned a corner yesterday in America.  It may be one to which we will never return.  Newly re-elected, President Obama said in his victory speech last night that he intends to help America “perfect its union.”  In light of his work over the last four years and his recent campaign, we can only imagine that Obama’s version of perfection will be more of the same stuff that is robbing us of our liberties and holding back economic growth.

Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises warned us of this folly when he saw the same actions taking place in Europe.  History seems to be repeating itself and the words of Mises are as vital today as they were then. “Government spending cannot create additional jobs,” he wrote in his 1947 book Planned Chaos. “If the government provides the funds required by taxing the citizens or by borrowing from the public, it abolishes on the one hand as many jobs as it creates on the other.”

Unless Obama and the Democrat majority in the Senate work with congressional Republicans to slash spending and increase business confidence, we can expect more bad news in the coming months.  As if they were sending us a warning, markets opened this morning with a 200-point plunge.  People don’t just talk with their votes.  They talk with their spending.  We must listen to the markets because they tell us a great deal about the future.

Constitutionalists are needed now more than ever, but I’ll stand by my promise.  I give myself a grade of “F” for my presidential election predictions, and I invite my readers to reply (below) and vote on whether or not to keep writing.


25 thoughts on “With Another Four Years, Obama Plans to “Perfect Our Union”

  1. Dr. Switzer,

    Having been a student of yours for a few years I can tell you that you are a voice of reason and objectivity. You call ’em as you see ’em. I think you should continue to do so. Your blog is thought provoking. You read the signs of the times; a prophet. You do not teach or encourage your students or readers to join any herd. Please do not stop writing. Continue to encourage. Continue to teach. I voted my conscience as you encouraged me to do. I thank you.

  2. I, for one, would like you to continue writing. I think that your commentary and insight are needed.

    I think that we’re all sometimes blinded by what we hope will happen. It’s just re-energized me to learn to listen to the contrary opinion even that much more. It’s what the people who voted for Obama are listening to.

    I also wouldn’t give you an “F”. Maybe a “C-“. True, we all hoped that we’d see a Romney presidency and hoped for the fiscal sanity of Ryan, but I think that you’re spot on with your analysis for the future. There is no way that this level of spending, this level of entitlements can continue. It may continue for a decade or it may continue for months. We don’t know WHEN the house of cards will come crashing down, just THAT IT WILL. Is it possible for the government to unravel the mess that we’re in? Sure, it’s possible, just improbable enough as to approach zero.

    Keep teaching, explaining things to those that will listen. Now more than ever, we need to awaken people. Even for those that voted for Romney, those that are “awake” to the real issues is still way too small.

    Thanks for all that you do!

  3. Professor, I do love the discussion of open minds. You may not be of the libertarian or voluntarist persuasion, but I think you can be brought around, in time. Keep blogging, sir. Thumbs up.

  4. John, I don’t think it’s time to retire from blogging just yet. You called Romney winning the GOP nomination–you got one big prediction correct. You also called a Romney victory prior to the first Presidential debate. While your optimistic predictions of last night were uncomfortably shattered, I doubt this is serious enough to take down the blog.

    No man is a Nostradamus.

    If anything, your enthusiasm only shows your passion for our country. I think any, good Republican would look back on this blog and see your devotion to the cause of liberty and want you to represent our state in any way you can. I think that your disappointment is shared by many (I’m still stunned so many people went out to vote!)

    If anything, we need “The Liberty Professor” now more than ever! Ron Paul is retiring this January, but his son Rand is still the Kentucky Senator who helped the Constitutionalist Thomas Massie win a seat in Congress last night. Tea Partier Ted Cruz jumped into the Senate. (Both Cruz and Massie were Ron Paul endorsed.) Also, Washington (the state, not the evil capitol) and Colorado legalized marijuana last night. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of marijuana use, this is still a victory for state’s rights advocates like the 10th Amendment Center. (Colorado cited the principal of “Nullification” in legalizing pot. Since Marijuana is illegal at the federal level, Colorado has decided to Nullify that law.)

    While we lost big at Presidentialy, the little victories are the ones that count. Ron Paul’s movement has grown exponentially in the last 4 yrs (and believe me I know–I’ve been there the whole time!) and I predict it will only get larger.

    I hope “The Liberty Professor” there to be a part of that growth and encourage it.

  5. Dear Dr. Switzer,
    I owe you a reply from a previous blog but have been busy at school and have not had time. I promise to respond shortly. I would be very upset should you decide to stop writing. While I do not agree with what you say in large part, you cause me to think and it is in thinking that we grow. I promise to challenge you with thinking from the ‘other side’ to see if we can find common ground to make our country stronger and better for all people.

    God Bless.

  6. Oh, I wouldn’t stop writing. Whether your election predictions turn out to be correct or not is of no great consequence, to my mind. What’s much more interesting are the points of view you represent and the arguments you muster. Personally, I enjoy reading your historically-informed posts! If I didn’t learn something from them, I wouldn’t read them.

  7. An election is an event; a point in time. An ideology and a purpose are timeless. Don’t let this be “John’s blog during the 2012 election”.

    I’m looking forward to more discussions.

  8. Definitely don’t stop writing – you have too much to offer conservatives such as myself. I have a feeling America is going to need more writers like yourself over the next four years rather than fewer.

  9. John, you wrote above that, “As if they were sending us a warning, markets opened this morning with a 200-point plunge…We must listen to the markets because they tell us a great deal about the future..” In that vein, then, here’s an interesting factoid: “The stock market has often sold off on the day after Democratic victories in presidential elections, particularly when there had been doubt going into the election over who would win. But the market has tended to perform better under Democratic administrations than Republican ones.”

    So, in light of that information, what is the market telling us?

  10. Please don’t stop writing. I enjoy your posts and share the link to your blog with my Facebook friends. Very informative, interesting and thought provoking. We forgive you for not projecting the Presidential race–you were not alone, for sure! Keep ’em coming.

  11. What difference does it make that your prediction was wrong. I don’t think you have anything to apologize for. It was wrong but big deal. In the larger picture that doesn’t really effect anything.
    And YES! keep on writing and sending me “stuff” to read and eating breakfast!!!

  12. Keep on rolling John.

    “I need a little help. I’m up here alone and I’ve got 50 MiGs cornered!”

    — Radio call,
    F-86 Sabre pilot,
    MiG Alley, Korea,

  13. I think we will need all the sane voices we can possibly get to survive the next 4 years. Your predictions made sense. Who would have guessed the storm (and walking with Christie) would have made President Obama look presidential. Oh and of course it took the focus from Benghazi. What do you think of the Iranians firing on one of our drones?

  14. On 11th June 1963, a 73 year old Buddhist monk martyred him by setting himself on fire in protest of the Diem government in South Vietnam. Given your right wing ideology, are you prepared to martyr yourself by flying to New York City and doing something along those lines in Times Square. I personally think the right wing idiots like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, all of Fox Noise and the talk radio schmucks should show your anger and frustration in the same way the Buddhist mink did.

    • Mr. Smith, thank you for reading my blog and for posting a comment. You are quick to speak of “right-wing idiots,” among whom I suppose you rank me. You are also quick to refer to “noise” on Fox and “schmucks” on the radio. Then you have the audacity to speak of OUR anger and frustration?

      Dear sir, when you’ve settled your nerves, I encourage you to re-read your post. Look at the terminology you have chosen to employ and then ask yourself: who really sounds angry here?

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