“Angry Right-Wing Protesters Attack Nuns!”

When it comes to politics, it’s all about the show.  Truth be damned.  What matters is how many people can be manipulated by misconstrual of the facts.

If you believe the pro-Democrat organizations like Faith America and Democracy in Action, “angry right-wing protesters” are staging nasty “attacks” against innocent Catholic nuns who are traveling the country with a message of equality and concern for the poor.  And of course, we all know how much right wingers hate the poor.  Shame on them for preventing the precious sisters from spreading their message of love.

On October 15th, the “Nuns on the Bus” rolled in to Marietta, Ohio to criticize the budget plans of Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan.  The leader of this protest tour is Sr. Simone Campbell, a sweet-looking lady that you just want to hug.  In fact, though the good sister and I differ greatly in our politics, I’d be happy to hug her.  And I’d be happy to stand up to any tasteless thugs who threaten her–if they exist.

According to Faith America and Democracy in Action (who suspiciously have the exact same webpage on their websites in support of the sisters), the angry right-wing extremists in Marietta are not only getting out of hand, they are being organized by a Catholic priest!  If you are so inclined you can even sign a petition to have the priest censured by his bishop.  The webpage boldly proclaims that we must “STOP THE ATTACKS ON THE NUNS ON THE BUS.”

There’s only one problem.  When you view video of the “angry” attackers, they don’t exist.  Clear HERE to see them quietly praying and holding their signs of protest.  They seem to be praying the Catholic prayer known as the Hail Mary, and some are chanting Ave Maria.  They certainly don’t look like “angry protesters” to me.

What about the nuns?  Did those mean-spirited protesters shout them down or block their access to the microphone, or did they shove them off the sidewalk?  No, not at all.  Click HERE to see a video of one of the sisters calmly speaking her message.  No one is shouting her down.  No one is attacking her or threatening her.  In fact, those “angry” right-wing people are acting quite respectfully.  Perhaps the kids at “Occupy Wall Street” should have taken a field trip to Ohio to learn how to hold a peaceful protest.  These “right wingers” could give them an excellent example to live by.

A few days after the event The Marietta Times ran an editorial proclaiming that it is “wrong to make the nuns’ visit political.”

Friends, I can’t make this stuff up.  A group of well-intentioned nuns is traveling around Ohio criticizing a GOP vice-presidential nominee and his budget proposal and we’re actually supposed to believe that it was the Republicans who made this a political issue?

The nuns have a right to their opinion, as misguided as I believe it to be.  Those who oppose them also have a right to their opinion.  Both sides have a right to speak their opinions in public.  Let’s not demean the process of public debate by labelling peaceful opposition as “angry attacks.”  Let’s also not suppose that morality and righteousness belong only to one political party.


2 thoughts on ““Angry Right-Wing Protesters Attack Nuns!”

  1. It reminds me of a story on HuffPost…http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/20/louie-gohmert-aurora-shootings_n_1689099.html

    I read this when it first came out, and it was immediately picked up by Democratic-leaning media everywhere. I listened to the actual audio footage of the pol’s interview, and sent an email alerting the author of the piece to a misquote substantially altering what the pol said. I looked at the way the piece was written, and most of the other quotes were taking the pol waaay out of context to promote an angle that the pol was a raving, Bible-thumping lunatic. The HuffPost author corrected the misquote, but stuck by the slant in her followup email. (You can see the correction at the bottom of the story.)

    The point I’m making is that even though the “Canons of Journalism” warn that “[n]ews reports should be free from opinion or bias of any kind,” bias is unapologetically expressed here in the out-of-context quoting and sensationalist first paragraph, which hovers on outright lying. What passes for journalism these days blatantly ignores this basic prescription for integrity in the media.

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