Silly Citizen, The Rules are Different for Democrats!

I remember distinctly the first time after Barack Obama’s election that someone called me a racist.  It was on Facebook.  I posted a comment about the fact that we had a man in the White House who possesses the most concentrated power on the globe, yet we know nearly nothing about him.

Barack Obama, to use a Switzerism, is the “packaged president.” 

He’s not the first elected official to have elements of his past sealed away from prying eyes, but he’s so good at it that I hear Notre Dame might rescind his honorary doctorate to give him a real PhD in “Presidential Packology.” 

For Obama (and many other politicians), the object of a political campaign is to get the most votes no matter what else happens.  One would think that the object of a campaign would be to introduce the real candidate to the people so those people can make a straightforward, informed choice.  Nope.  That’s just not how it works.

Did you or your friend happen to vote for Obama?  Which one?  You see, for every Obama voter there was a different Obama.  He was swept into office because each of his supporters cast a vote for the mystical, cosmic Obama who reigned in their hearts.  He was, to each of them, whatever they wanted him to be.  And he and his campaign carefully orchestrated the effort by preaching “hope and change,” and by chanting endlessly, “yes we can!”

Hmm.  What hopes was he referring to?  What change was he offering?  “Yes we can,” the crowds cried in awe.  Yes, we can what?

Obama is about to lose the White House.  If Dinesh D’Souza’s research is correct, Barack Obama came into office in order to give America its comeuppance.  He has had great success in doing so, at least in my humble estimation.  But now he will receive his own comeuppance–if we can keep the voter fraud committed by his minions to a minimum.  I suspect the average American would be shocked by the amount of election fraud perpetrated by the Democrat party in the 2008 election if it were known.  The tales told by former Obama supporters are astounding.  Here’s one recent example that came to light:  the son of Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) recently resigned from his position as field director of his father’s re-election campaign after a video came to light in which he encourages and offers helpful advice to those seeking to commit election fraud.

In a strange twist, supporters of the Packaged President are now howling with laughter at Donald Trump.  Admittedly, Trump is unpredictable, eccentric, and egotistical.  Earlier this week he offered $5 Million to anyone who can secure copies of Obama’s college transcripts and his passport

Is Trump an odd duck?  You bet.  He’s unusual to the extreme.  But if we put aside his quirky personality and self-promotion for a moment, we might realize that he’s not asking for anything bizarre.  If the so-called “birthers” are nuts, take away their thunder and show us your passport, Mr. President.  If you’re as brilliant as the “mainstream” press says you are, then show us your transcripts.  Remove your grades if you wish, but show us your college records if you have nothing to hide.

An old proverb says that “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”  When Mitt Romney refused to release as many years of tax returns as the Obama campaign suggested, Democrats unleashed a string of accusations, rumors, suggestions–even that Romney may have broken federal law.  It was all done with no evidence whatsoever.  Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) even made false accusations against Romney on the floor of the Senate.  There was a time when such pettiness was below the conduct of a sitting US senator.  Like kids watching clowns at the circus, the “mainstream” press was mesmerized by it.

With such support, I doubt Obama will release his transcripts or his passport.  But all the while the press will hound Trump, attempting to paint the entire Republican party with the idiosyncratic tendencies of the Don himself.

Should Romney give us years and years of tax returns?  “Yes,” they shout!  “It’s unreasonable not to do so unless he has something to hide.”  Should Obama show us his college transcripts?  “No,” they yell, “don’t be silly.  Obama has nothing to hide.”  Our suspicions, they say, are petty and racist.

Nonetheless, even with the press serving as campaign advisors and special agents for the Obama message, he’s losing ground rapidly. 

Obama’s only hope for success at this point is either through lies or fraud.  He’s not beyond either.  But don’t expect objectivity or equal treatment from most of the press.  As we southerners like to say with a grin, “It ain’t gonna happen.”


3 thoughts on “Silly Citizen, The Rules are Different for Democrats!

  1. College transcripts and medical records. Things every other recent president has had to release, yet the press seems OK with few even remembering he was on campus. Instead of medical records he released a page from a doctor saying he was in good health.

  2. “Did you or your friend happen to vote for Obama? Which one? You see, for every Obama voter there was a different Obama.”

    I have great respect for you John Switzer, I just think your blog deserves a healthy injection of balance.

  3. Thanks, Balance. If you have been reading here a while, you already know that I have my problems with Mitt Romney. As the future months wear on in a Romney administration I will happily criticize him when I think it’s deserved.

    On the issue of “flip flops,” yes, Romney has changed directions on some issues (especially abortion). But I don’t think there has ever been a candidate who so carefully crafted himself to be so many different things than Obama did in 2008. It has come back to haunt him in 2012.

    As a reminder to all my gentle readers, let me state that my allegiance is to the United States Constitution, not the GOP and not Mitt Romney. Insofar as I give my support to any political entity, personal or corporate, I do so with the view of moving our government closer to faithfulness to the Constitution.

    God save the United States of America and its Constitution.

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