The Next President of the United States

Confession, they say, is good for the soul.  The Liberty Professor has been quiet for about six weeks or so, and only partly because of the busy schedule brought on by the start of a new academic year.  Honestly, much of my silence is due to the fact that I’ve just not had much to say.  Things are shaping up exactly as I have predicted for months.

This blog began almost a year ago, and I’ve tried to preserve it as a place for reasoned commentary and even respectable debate between myself and the good folks who often post comments here.  There are plenty of bloggers who post because they need to say something, or seemingly because others expect them to comment.  This blog is intended as a reflective place–even when those reflections come energetically, and with passion.  So I promise not to fill it up with “stuff” just because it seems I should be saying something.

From the outset of the blog I predicted Mitt Romney would be the Republican nominee for 2012.  I was right.  In February I predicted that he will be our next president.  I stand by that expectation.  Even a cursory review of my blog posts over the last ten months will demonstrate that I have my reservations about Romney.  He’s a middle-of-the-road Republican, a moderate who will compromise often with liberals.  I fully expect him to continue some of the dangerous economic and fiscal policies that have brought our economy to its knees.

But at least he’s not a socialist.  He believes in American exceptionalism, as I do, and he is inspired by mostly free-market values.  Let’s face it:  in politics, one seldom gets one’s preferred choice.  There are all sorts of compromises that must be made, on some principles (not core principles!) and on many practicalities.  Mitt is the better of two less-than-perfect choices … and no matter how imperfect he is, he ranks a thousand miles above the current occupant of the White House.  Without any sense of hyperbole at all, I can enthusiastically proclaim that if Barack Obama were reelected in November, only God could save the United States of America.  And even God would need help.  Lots of it.

What makes me so certain is that I believe a rising tide of consciousness is growing across the country.  Citizens are taking note that Obama’s international apology tours and his bowing to foreign leaders hasn’t done a single thing to better our standing among our enemies.  That’s what makes enemies.  They won’t see what’s good in us no matter what we do.  Barack Obama’s foreign policy has been naive at its best, dangerous and foolish at its worst. 

He has missed the majority of his daily security briefings, neglecting the one duty that matters most in a president:  national security.  His ineptitude and lack of attention to real-world issues allowed his administration to overlook the fact that an attack was planned on our ambassador in Libya.  In spite of the fact that an attack was expected and spoken of publicly, his policies and those of his underlings resulted not only in the sodomization and death of our ambassador but members of his staff as well–all on the one day when such attacks should most have been expected!  This, dear reader, is why he has continued to emphasize the offensive video about Islam that supposedly brought about this disaster.  The film was nothing but an excuse and a covenient cover for those intent on doing us harm.  It’s also an excuse used by the Obama administration to cover its blood-stained tracks.

The economy is in ruins.  No matter how much Obama blames the previous president, he’s had several years now to at least start to make a difference.  He hasn’t, unless making the situation worse qualifies as “making a difference.”  Problems are getting worse at home, and they’re getting worse everywhere else.  Why, in heaven’s name, would we reelect someone with such a miserable record?  He said it best when he predicted his presidency would be composed of one term. 

Has he made a couple of good decisions?  Yes, of course.  But even a stopped watch tells the correct time twice a day. 

John Sununu has gone so far as to proclaim that Obama is “absolutely lazy and detached from his job.”  Perhaps.  But I prefer to argue that his leadership style is precisely that of a community organizer.  He leads the cheer, he stirs up groups of people, he throws out cheap argumentation and hyperbolic criticism at everyone in charge and toward every decision made.  The problem is that now he’s in charge.  Cheer leaders don’t win the game and anger is insufficient to build a nation.  At some point a leader must step up with challenging ideas to make difficult decisions.  Obama is incapable of this, not because he’s stupid (he’s not) but because he’s not used to hard work.  He’s used to having someone else do the work while he leads the cheer and organizes the discontent.

Romney isn’t perfect.  As his administration progresses I expect you’ll read plenty of criticism about him in this blog.  Lots of folks have a similar evaluation of his upcoming presidency–but they’ll vote for him, as I will.

2012 isn’t 2008.  The Republican base isn’t that excited about Romney, but it’s certainly excited about ridding the nation of Barack Obama’s failed leadership and lack of attention to its woes within and its difficulties without.  In addition, we are excited about Paul Ryan.  Choosing him as his vice-presidential running mate is one of the smartest moves Romney has made yet.  You can tell that by the rabid screams coming from liberals in the press.

Don’t get complacent, America.  But don’t believe the polls in the mainstream press, either.  They’re using a model based upon the 2008 voter turnout.  2012 will look very different.

To win the presidency, a candidate must receive 270 of 538 electoral votes.  I predict Romney will receive between 300-320 electoral votes (a victory margin between 62-102 votes).  I say this not encourage laziness on the part of Romney supporters but to build energy and enthusiasm.

OMG:  “Obama Must Go.”  When Romney is successfully sworn in, we constitutionalists can begin to reform the GOP.  If we lose America, though, what’s the point?


8 thoughts on “The Next President of the United States

  1. John, you’re infectious good-nature is always welcome. Unfortunately, I still see trouble ahead.

    In a recent interview with an election expert, Lew Rockwell uncovered the fact that American elections are crooked and can be easily stolen.

    (See here:

    I foresee no end to our political dilemma. The amount of change necessary is enormous! One election is hardly enough…especially since we don’t control who gets elected or not. This interview gravely concerns me, especially for more local elections. I don’t know if the Power Elite will ever ALLOW Constitutionalists a chance to reform.

    • Thanks for your comment, Matt. My prediction, of course, rests entirely upon the expectation that we’ll have free, fair, and honest elections. If we lose those we lose everything–perhaps even the Union itself. The electoral system guarantees that we are not a union of peoples, but a union of states. If the states can’t depend upon each other to guarantee honest elections, they can’t depend on one another to guarantee our form of government as laid out in the Constitution. Without faithfulness to the Constitution there is no moral binding to hold us to the Union that is the United States of America. It’s frightening to even speak of this ….

  2. I agree with pretty much all you said except I take exception with one of your statements: “Without any sense of hyperbole at all, I can enthusiastically proclaim that if Barack Obama were reelected in November, only God could save the United States of America. And even God would need help. Lots of it.” You underestimate what God does and can do. Nothing has come our way that has not first sifted through the hands of God. He does all things well. We are not in a position to see things from His perspective or know and judge all His purposes. America was in a pretty bad situation prior to Obama. Obama has simply exacerbated, inflamed, & magnified an already bad situation either by his ineptitude or with willful intent to do harm to this country. If he has adhered to our enemies and given them aid & comfort then he is guilty of treason (US Constitution, Article III, Section 3, Paragraph 1). The Lord chastised ancient Israel for her sins so she would repent. He let her enemies triumph over her for a season but He has always kept a remnant for Himself. America has given in to a multitude of sins and we have put many things ahead of God. Many pastors are calling their congregations to forty days of prayer, repentance & fasting at this time. We are already in a situation that can only be changed through God’s merciful intercession. John, I appreciate what you do. My very best wishes to you and my thanks for all you do.


    Will Injustices In America Ever Go Away Completely?
    by: J. Grant Swank, Jr | published: 07 01, 2008

    Note what B. Hussein Obama says in his own words. They are from his books entitled “Dreams of My Father” and “Audacity of Hope.

    In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

    B. Hussein was writing about the injustices suffered by some in America. In that context he wrote that sentence.

    Will injustices in America ever go away completely? No. We live in an imperfect world. Therefore, will the situation ever arise by which Muslims in the United States will cry out for B. Hussein to lean in their favor. Of course. And will he?

    Well, he’s already said he will “stand with the Muslims.” Need we go any further?” (Source cited above)

    Treason in the United States of America defined by the US Constitution:

    The Constitution of the United States of America

    Article III

    Section 3

    1. “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.”

    The US Congress needs to have an inquiry into President Obama’s actions. Why did he ignore embassy security on the day our US Ambassador was killed when it should have been a day which called for high alert? Why apologies and no action when a US Ambassador was not only killed but sodomized? Has such a thing ever happened to a US Ambassador before? Should such a heinous and brutal act towards the United States not call for the swift action and condemnation of our President and not an apology to those who have declared themselves to be our enemies? Did he not adhere to the Muslims by giving them aid and comfort with all the world watching? Many in his administration have distanced themselves from him on this issue as they are aware that they could be charged with complicity. There is too much solid evidence to indicate President Obama is deliberately doing harm to this country. Denish D’Souza, in his excellent documentary “2016”, poses some very good and very serious questions and makes some excellent thought provoking statements. What do Americans really know about Obama? The US Congress needs to form a Congressional Committee of Inquiry to investigate all the serious and legitimate issues which are at stake – whether he wins or loses this election. This should never be allowed to happen again.

    • Your Quote: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

      This is not correct. You are not checking things before you state them.

      I am not an Obama supporter. I will Most likely vote for Romney. It took me 4 minutes on google to discover your error. If you choose to persuade people do it honestly. By quoting a lie your lying yourself.

      Also the name of his book is “Dreams from my Father”. Common people so sad.

  4. John,

    A very well thought out post and I agree with you in many respects. Mitt Romney would make a better president, but with the debt where it is I just don’t think it matters anymore in terms of the dollar. When the dollar is revalued as history tells us it will be the whole economic paradigm of this country will shift. It is too late at this time to recapture our economic leadership.

    I cannot pull the lever for another milk toast republican that shrinks to the pressure of the liberal media. I will vote Libertarian for the first time knowing fully well it may re-elect a socialist. If we are to change the direction of this country we must get the two party system’s notice.

    • Thanks for your heartfelt comment, James. I know it’s sincere. In the 2008 election I voted for the Libertarian Party’s candidate, so I sympathize with you greatly. About 250 of us in my county did so, and I was proud of seeing my vote among them when the official reports came out of how many of us did that. This time, however, I have to vote Republican simply because Barack Obama must be beaten at almost any cost.

      I do suspect, however, that your evaluation of our fiscal strength is correct. No matter who the next president of the country is, we have difficulties ahead. I tend to think they’ll be worse, not better, because we’ve laid ourselves a heck of a painful egg and that egg is going to hatch whether we like it or not.

      I also fear that when it does hatch, the pain that’s coming (worse because we put it off instead of facing it when we could have had much less of it) will cause another change in parties in 2016. I suspect Hillary Clinton will run, and perhaps even beat, Mitt Romney in that election because of the economic woes already set in motion but not yet come to fruition.

      I am so sadly disappointed in both major parties. Our congressman in the 4th District is greatly a party to this coming disaster. Let’s pray we can replace him with a genuine conservative by 2014.

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