Introducing the “Obamatini”!

Just in time for summer, and in celebration of the election year 2012, The Liberty Professor announces a new martini named in honor of President Barack Obama!

Here are the details:

The recipe is a closely-guarded secret given to the President by former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  You have to drink it to know what’s in it.  Pelosi came up with the recipe while flying between California and DC in an oversized jet at taxpayer expense.

Always shaken, it’s served in a tall martini glass with a serious bend to the left–way left.

In addition, there are three other things you must know about this cocktail:  it’s sour, it’s outrageously expensive, and you have to find someone else to pay for it. 

The drink can only be made by loyal members of the SEIU.  They will be provided full salary and lifetime benefits whether they actually make your drink or not.  (They’re too busy campaigning for Mr. Obama to concentrate on their work at the moment.)

If you should see this cocktail being sipped in an establishment that serves high-fat foods, allows smoking, or places salt shakers on its tables, please report this immediately to the Department of Homeland Security.  Those responsible will be retooled.

For a limited time, everyone ordering an Obamatini will also receive a free hammer and sickle.  Available only while supplies last.


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