Harry, Reid: An Example of Just How Low Politics Can Go

There are lots of things wrong with the way they’re doing politics in DC these days.  The politicians themselves are the best argument for limited government, but some folks just don’t get it.  So we have to help them understand just how low our political leaders can go when it comes to their well-paid “service” to our country.

Harry Reid (D-NV), who once gestured obscenely toward voters who defied him, stood upon the floor of the Senate this past Wednesday to explain that the senior citizens of our nation have been so abandoned that junk mail might just be their only friend in the world.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Folks, I can’t make this stuff up.  We are paying the man more than $170,000 a year for such supercilious nonesense.  If I were Harry Reid, I’d be ashamed to know that such stupidity was going into the congressional record with my name underneath it.  But hey, that’s just me.

As part if his remarks on the postal reform bill, Reid said that “seniors love getting junk mail” because “it’s sometimes their only way of communicating or feeling like they’re part of the real world.”  Really?  Are our senior citizens “communicating” with their junk mail?  Perhaps senility is worse than I thought.

I shake my head regularly at the amount of junk mail that floods my mail box, and I dutifully recycle most of it without giving much of it a passing glance.  What is most baffling, however, is the fact that the postal service charges so little to the advertisers who use this form of communication.  When compared to first-class mail, junk mail rates are low.  This is one of the things wrong with the dinosaur we know of as the United States Postal Service.  You don’t see FedEx and UPS delivering cheaply-priced junk mail, do you?

So what’s up with the senator from Nevada?  Has he lost his mind?  No, not at all.  This is clearly a ploy to ensure once again that one of the Democrat party’s most faithful allies receives its regular payoff.  Reid’s support of junk mail (cheap to advertisers but expensive to the postal service) is all about keeping the postal service employee union busy.

Economically speaking, it’s not just a bad business model, it’s an expensive proposition.  But it keeps powerful Democrats like Harry Reid in office.  Our senior citizens can rest comfortably in this knowledge and Harry Reid can continue to give us all “the finger.”


One thought on “Harry, Reid: An Example of Just How Low Politics Can Go

  1. another thought for the day occurs when I read of hijinks like this:

    “profanity is the linquistic crutch of the illiterate motherbleepers.”

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