The Coming War for Oil

This post is a bit of an epilogue, or follow-up to an assertion I made in a post from two days ago.  At that time I asserted that the lack of vision and preparation for this nation’s future energy needs by the current occupant of the White House is setting us up for global conflict.  This is a grave accusation and I stand by it.  With this post I extend the accusation also to the majority of Democrats in Congress.  The energy-related policies of Barack Obama and his Democrat allies in Congress are making global conflict more probable, not less.

It’s not that I want war or that I despise peace, but ensuring peace is something that takes wise calculations, planning, and preparedness.  Peace isn’t just a slogan.  It requires that those who would use violence to aquire their political ends be dissuaded by the realization that any such attempt will be met with a frightening totality.  It’s inspiring to speak of peace, but it’s hard work to prepare for it.

As a Catholic theologian, I have studied the Just War Theory.  This isn’t a college classroom, so I won’t go into excessive details.  Suffice it to say that religious believers who are also great thinkers have long argued that war must be a last resort.  It must be engaged as a tool for change only when the failure to go to war allows for more injustice than the effort to wage war itself.  It must not be entered into lightly.  Though I have never seen warfare first hand, the scars carried by friends and loved ones who have suffered through it convince me that such limitations on the validity of warfare are necessary.

Have you ever seen a busy office worker with a sign on her desk that says something like, “Your failure to plan does not constitute an emergency for me”?  Something like that is at work here.  The failure to make adequate plans for future energy needs will not be a morally sufficient reason for us to wage war when the failures of our present political leadership finally become obvious in this regard.  The reason?  Because those leaders should know better.  They probably do know better, but political power appears to be more important than morality and peace.

Thus I stand by my assertion that in their refusal to allow a bold, comprehensive, strategic, and generous approach to drilling at home and networking with our friendly neighbors, Democrats are setting us up for a future unjust and preventable war over oil.  It’s that simple.  They’re too busy keeping their political support together to plan for our nation’s (or the world community’s) long-term well being. 

Their failure to lead on this issue now won’t make such a future war just, at least not in my opinion.  It does, however, make it more probable.

How likely is my tragic scenario?  Well, look at present tensions with Iran and its upcoming military exercises in the Persian Gulf.  Those exercises are widely believed by military analysts to be organized around the closing of the Strait of Hormuz, the most vulnerable area of the Persian Gulf.  Such a closure would put strain on the world’s oil supply. 

My good readers may argue that I’m just being pessimistic.  These tensions, after all, have been around for decades.  That is precisely my point.  By now, our leaders should understand that our most plentiful “strategic oil reserve” isn’t the one kept under lock and key by the federal government–it’s the one that has yet to be drilled, locked within the earth and underneath our seabeds. 

Drill here.  Drill now.  Or run short of supply later and fight over there.

Many environmental extremists argue that they represent the only righteous, the only just position when it comes to drilling and transporting oil-related products.  I beg to differ.  Avoiding a future unnecessary and unjust war is the more ethical of choices.


3 thoughts on “The Coming War for Oil

  1. I don’t think it’s a lack of planning. I suppose I’m about to make you appear like an optimist. I think that this is the plan. Make plentiful fossil fuels expensive or regulated out of use. Completely unrealistic spending on both foreign and domestic, that ol’ warfare-welfare state philosophy. Along with hyper inflation of our fiat currency. It’s not poor planning, it’s exactly what they want. A global economic crash.

  2. MC, there are days when I agree with you. Knowing as we do what sources and personalities have inspired Mr. Obama, it’s hard not to think at times that these actions are being take deliberately, to crash the current system and replace it with a more socialist, top-down model. That is the end game for which many on the socialist-democratic side of the aisle work.

    There was a time when I would refuse to believe such a thing, but in the summer of 2008 as Obama was running for the presidency, I sat in the kitchen of a prominent Atlanta attoney who is also a major player in the GA Democrat party. He was an avowed socialist and couldn’t wait to get Obama elected so that the long-term socialist goals of “reforming America” could be advanced. The excitement and electricity in his eyes was palpable–and most frightening.

  3. It is unacceptable, that those who serve in our military, could be put in harms’ way, simply because of our failure to establish a self sufficient and sustainable management plan for our natural energy resources.

    If the latest data is correct, we have in North America, enough natural resources to be self sufficient. Why not develop them?

    The development of these Domestic sources would not mean that we would not continue to Use foreign sources, thus saving our sources, it would just put us in a better position should a crisis develop.

    There was a time when we had unlimited control and influence over mideastern oil sources. And while we still purchase from that and other regions, the competition for that oil is becoming an issue. Also we are seeing the results of religious fanaticism, that creates uncertainty with regards to the area.

    I believe we should develop as many domestic, oil and gas wells as possible. While I do not advocate abstaining from misdeast sources, we must be prepared for what conflicts may come.

    I do not believe in and will not support any military action that is for oil. Our military is to defend our Country from attacks and those who would seek to destroy our precious liberties and democracy.

    Domestic, Natural resources belong to all of us. We should take what our generation needs and leave the rest. I do not believe we should be exporting our oil

    Understanding that natural resources belong to us all, I have a question or a ponderance, about that. I believe that those companies in the risky business of developing our natural resources should make a profit. What I don’t understand, however, is why oil that comes for a developed, domestic well, that has regained the costs of development. is subject to price increases based on the open market? As Americans we already own the oil and should pay no more than what the original or minimum acceptable, profit sustaining price is.

    I welcome comments on this as I am sure there are many factors that I may have overlooked.

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