Republican Race Loses Perry; Democrats Gain Mickey Mouse

As I predicted just a few days ago, the boisterous Rick Perry has decided to give up his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.  No surprise there, except that I thought he’d at least wait until after the South Carolina primary this coming Saturday.  He started his campaign with a great deal of energy back in August.  He ends with a bit of a whimper. 

There are some things I really adore about Perry’s political philosophy, like having a part-time Congress such as Texans enjoy with their state legislature.  I’m also a fan of his belief that the Union is a voluntary association of sovereign States rather than one that can be required by force of arms.  Such ideas make me adore the Texas spirit of independence.  Still, for all of the authenticity that emerges when he opens that big ‘ole Texas mouth of his, he still came off as unpresidential at times.  I mean, really, could you see him meeting with the Premier of China and asking, “Did ya’ll remember to bring the sushi?”


Our furry, little, liberal friends over at the Huffington Post have an interesting piece about Mr. Obama’s visit today to Disney World in order to announce a number of executive orders aimed at increasing tourism and bettering our economy.  Hoorah!  After all, Barack Obama is “the leader of the gang who’s made for you and me,” right?  It actually works when you put it to the traditional tune:  “M-I-C, K-E-Y, O-B-A-M-A”!

Now, dear readers, everyone knows that the Magic Kingdom is a place of fantasy, a place to pretend.  We all need to escape reality from time to time.  So it’s particularly appropriate that Mr. Obama will announce his latest executive orders at Disney World.  He imagines that he can build a strong economy by fiat, by demanding that it improve. 

That’s not how it works, Mr. President.  Command economies are always destined for failure.  You’ve done an excellent job of proving the theory. 

Have fun in Disney World, sir.  Be sure to pose for a photo on the spinning teapot ride.  Don’t worry about looking presidential.  Like so much of the Magic Kingdom, for you, that’s just pretending.


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