And Then There Were Five (Soon to be Four)

In my book, really great food is marked by bold flavors and interesting textures.  That’s just one of the reasons I adore being married to a chef.  Perhaps some of this attitude has drifted into my politics, because the one word that comes to mind whenever I think of Jon Huntsman is bland.  Thank goodness, he has announced that he’s leaving the campaign.  I’m glad to see him go.

I don’t mean to take away from his service as governor of Utah or as ambassador to China, but was there anything that was ever exciting about Huntsman as a presidential candidate?  He seems to have held the most appeal for northeast moderates who like to compromise with the Left, and that’s why he never gained much traction anywhere else.  There is also the question of integrity to be addressed.  How could he credibly stand on stage offering critique of the Obama administration when he was part of that administration as its representative to the Chinese? 

It still makes me scratch my head in wonder, but now he’s out.  Rick Perry won’t be far behind him.  His bold language was originally attractive to voters but his gaffes have made him appear weak–not just unpresidential.  Of course, the same can be said of Barack Obama.  The difference is that Obama has most of the press on his side.  When he looks ridiculous we get sermons from the media about the need to overlook it.  Conservatives, on the other hand, are always given the label of “idiot.” 

What about the rest of the pack?  Well, Gingrich seems to have just enough anger to keep him viable for a while.  That anger, however, is coming off increasingly as weakness and not strength.  Given that Romney will be the nominee, Santorum is looking more and more like a VP nominee.  As an evangelical who is not afraid to talk about Jesus, he would be a logical choice for the Romney campaign as we get nearer to the GOP convention.  Time will tell.

Ron Paul will continue to build steam.  I think this is the greatest opportunity he has yet had to change the way politics is done in this country.  A crisis is brewing for the GOP, but the beltway powers in the party don’t see it–at least not yet.  I’m not sure that “political business as usual” will work anymore.  The extreme agenda of Mr. Obama and his socialist-democratic allies has sent a chill through the electorate.  They believe that time is running out to change direction.

I sense that something new is on the horizon.  An old adage says that it’s darkest just before the dawn.  It’s also very dark at midnight.


2 thoughts on “And Then There Were Five (Soon to be Four)

  1. John, I can’t believe you are buying the standard establishment GOP line about the inevitability of a Romney nomination. So far, two states that mean very little have voted, and Romney won one of them by a mere eight votes. Besides, you said yourself that a storm is brewing, and the establishment GOP is too tone deaf to notice it. That storm might just backlash against Romney.

    Perry is looking for a graceful exit now. Then, I believe that if Gingrich will drop out after poor showings in S.C. and Florida, anti-Romney conservative voters will rally around Santorum. Then, as Paul fades when his rabid supporters are unable to flood open primaries with democrats and other mischief makers, it will be a two-man race.

    This race aint over! The establishment is working overtime to convince us that Romney WILL be the nominee. I don’t accept that inevitability!

    Always enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Thanks, Sam, I enjoyed your analysis as well. So you’re thinking it will be a two-way contest bewteen Romney and Santorum? Hmm. Very interesting. I see it shaking out as a Romney-Paul race, with Santorum taking the VP slot to Romney. But who knows? You may be right on this one! Perhaps one of us will get to say to the other, “I told you so.”

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