A Sober Reminder From History

This post will be short.  Though I’m keeping an eye on the New Hampshire primary, as many of you are, I must also juggle that interest with the fact that the college is back in session for the spring semester.  I have another batch of terrific students signed up for my classes.  Hopefully, they’re as excited as I am.

Still, I can’t resist the chance to offer a snippet of history.  Last night I was perusing an older book on the history of Rome.  Published in 1947, it’s by W. Warde Fowler and bears the simple title, Rome.  I found nothing with much shock value until I reached the very end of the book:

“From Marcus Aurelius onwards the strain of self-defence [sic] was too great to allow of progress in any social or political sense.  The monarchy became more absolute, the machinery of government more complicated; the masses were overtaxed, and the middle classes ruined.”

Perhaps there are times when history really does repeat itself?


One thought on “A Sober Reminder From History

  1. That was only the Western Empire. The Eastern portion, while not exactly a beacon of egalitarianism, was much more capable of balancing resources with demands and existed for another thousand years, bringing forward much of Western culture that would otherwise have been lost. I think there are a great many lessons we can learn from a forgotten people, who survived some spectacular military reverses in one century and yet thrived in the next.

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