Barack Obama Has the Soul of a Tyrant

Honestly, I think I hate myself for writing the title of this post.  I hate the fact that I can even imagine such a thing.  So if you’re disappointed in me for doing so, I understand. 

But wait … let’s analyze the word “tyrant” and see if I’m using political hyperbole or if I’m speaking the truth.  Then I’ll let you, the gentle reader of this blog, make up your own mind.  Sound fair?

According to an excellent online resource that reports the origin and meaning of words (, our English word “tyrant” has come down to us from Greek, Latin, and French.  It has a long pedigree.  To the ancient Greeks, a tyrannos was a lord, a master, a sovereign monarch, or a ruler with absolute power.  The late Latin word tyrannia included the idea of an unjust use of power. 

In a treatise entitled Social Contract, the 18th-century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau made it even clearer:  “a tyrant is an individual who arrogates to himself the royal authority without having a right to it. This is how the Greeks understood the word ‘tyrant’:  they applied it indifferently to good and bad princes whose authority was not legitimate.”

Given this explanation, it appears that the title of this blog post is accurate:  President Obama is inspired by an ideology of tyranny.  As with all rulers, tyrants have an agenda.  But tyranny differs by the fact that the tyrant places his agenda above the law–he refuses to be constrained by the law.  Such an attitude inspired the American Revolution and gave us the conviction that we should be ruled by law, not by the whims of human persons who come and go, and whose agenda differs from ruler to ruler.

Perhaps now you are saying, dear reader, that your blog author is overreacting.  Then let me turn to the words and actions of Mr. Obama so there be no doubt about the seriousness of my charge.  Last month, in an interview aired by the CBS news program 60 Minutes, Barack Obama warned us explicity about his intentions:  “What I’m not gonna do is wait for Congress.”  Regarding the items on his agenda he warned, “we’re just gonna go ahead and do ’em.”

Now, to be fair, he did offer a nod of respect to the law by mentioning his executive authority.  That appears to have been another of his infamous smoke screens, however, meant to fool the public.  He proved this yesterday by announcing his intention to appoint a director to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and three new members to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) as “recess appointments.”

The problem?  The Senate–responsible for confirmation– is not in recess.  This fact is easily confirmed by visiting the official website of the Senate (

This action on the part of Mr. Obama is entirely unconstitutional, and illegal.  He has usurped power which he does not have.  Yet the crowds cheered him in Cincinnati as he made the announcement, unaware that it was one more erosion of their liberties, one more example of rule by man, rule by tyranny, exercise of power that is not legitimate.

You decide for yourself what you believe.  I’m not a tyrant, so I don’t claim to decide for you.  I only decide for myself.  And I worry more each day for our nation’s future and for the survival of the Constitition.


6 thoughts on “Barack Obama Has the Soul of a Tyrant

  1. John, I’m glad you’ve finally woken up. (Or at least, you’re waking up “more so” than you have in the past.)

    As a Libertarian historian, I would argue that our Presidency has been tyrannical for well over a century now. It began with Lincoln, it became imperialist under McKinley and TR, it got much worse under Woodrow Wilson and was cemented into place by FDR and George W. Bush.

    The American people have no control over their foreign policy. Our government wages war without consent. James Madison (who at least asked Congress for a declaration before the awful War of 1812) said that the very definition of tyranny would be a president who could make war without a declaration of war. That’s been going on since Truman and Korea. (1950). Now, our presidents routinely make war without any discussion (and use the Orwellian term “military action” to cover their tracks. Would that some other country do the same to us! I wonder what American reaction might be!).

    I agree with this article completely. Except, I’d like to point out what I consider two deficiencies:

    1) Barack Obama is a tyrant for far, far more reasons than the simple one you described. If we’re going to judge his adherence to the Constitution as a litmus, then surely he is a tyrant for his illegal and immoral foreign policy. His destruction of innocent people abroad. Equally troubling, would be his support for the unConstitutional NDAA, his support for torture, rendition and all his other violations of civil liberties, to say nothing of the spying on American citizens. Finally, his draconian support and increase in the power of drug laws and punishment of drug offenders is on the same footing here. None of these things are Constitutional. All of them are tyrannical and murderous. No Christian should support any of them. (I am, of course aware that most other presidents–at least since 1950–would all be guilty of the same. Be aware I would condemn those men just as harshly as I condemn our current executive.)

    2) We must not forget that other Presidents, especially George W. Bush, were almost equally bad–in some cases worse–on Constitutional civil liberties and foreign policy as Barack Obama. I include this point simply because my liberal friends always retort to my criticisms of our President by touting, “Well, Bush and the Republicans were (are) even worse!” a response that always confuses me, since I never supported Bush, his evil foreign policy, his draconian drug laws or his disregard for our privacy and civil liberties. (My liberal friends assume I’m somehow FOR Bush/Romney/Gingrich/Santorum/etc. simply because I am opposed to Obama. Likewise, my (neo)Conservative friends assumed that I was Liberal because I extended equal criticism to Bush. A sad, heard mentality to which we can all fall subject.)

    In short, the blogpost, while excellent, would have been even better if it had been a critique of the Presidency in general. It is however, marvelous. I am proud that you are bold enough to post this! I’ve read where folks like you and I are already on the government watch-lists,so I’m sure this will come under someone’s notice.


    P.S. I hope your cell is next to mine in the coming years!

  2. John, as I understand it, it’s actually a matter for debate whether Congress is in recess or not. I know that sounds silly – isn’t there an easily checked fact of the matter? But apparently Obama’s lawyers are are confident that the Congress really is in recess – they (the lawmakers) certainly aren’t in Washington right now.

  3. Oh, I see: Congress is in a “pro forma” session: one which is functionally equivalent to a recess…except that they gave it a different name to block executive appointments on a technicality.

    If you wish to call Obama a tyrant, that’s fine with me (I like Matt’s insightful post above very much); be sure to call the Congress tyrannical as well, though.

  4. England, Could You, Would You?

    Dear England: Some years ago we sent a cordial note to your monarch – some here called it a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE – in an effort to commence a mutually beneficial dialogue between some of us over here and you all over there. Only for potential negotiating advantage did our forefathers refer to your monarch as a “Tyrant” and his form of government as “despotism.” Due to recent developments here in the colonies, we entreat you to consider re-opening this dialogue begun in the Spring of 1776 and, after a serious study of the benefits for all of us, that you allow us to again join with you and become part of the realm. Let us in mutual cooperation submit facts to a candid world.

    Our Declaration listed some proposed talking points (in the parlance of that time over two centuries ago these topics for discussion were referred to as “usurpations” which then was just another word for “deliberations”). “He” was the esteemed and beloved His Royal Highness George III. We believe some of these topics bear reconsideration today since they perfectly describe our present tyrant in the White House; for example

    “He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
    He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States;
    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.
    He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:
    For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
    For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:
    For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.

    He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us.”

    We had no clue that the “swarms” of which we complained previously in 1776 could today multiply exponentially into heartless hordes, virtual mobs, of intransigent agents and officers.

    We apologetically admit that we had no idea that someone could subvert words we wrote specifically to prevent tyranny; and then could sign treaties which countermanded our Constitution and were contrary to the will of the people. By his imperial pen he is at this very moment preparing to sign a UN Treaty to repeal our 2nd Amendment, when he is fully aware that our Constitution explicitly does not permit amendment in this way.

    Our taxes, as compared to those just and reasonable ones under the esteemed and beloved George III, have also increased both exponentially in rate and in the scope of things and activities taxed. We did not realize that what we were setting up could be abused via so-called “penalties” so that a huge percentage – now almost 50% – of all the populace live off the labor and sweat of the remaining people who work. We had no idea that our plans could be embodied in a work force nearly half of whose jobs are working for the government to either control every aspect of our lives or to collect the taxes which apply to every aspect of our existence from birth to death and even thereafter.

    Your revered monarchs have always respected the rights enshrined in the Magna Carta, while our current tyrant invests himself and his government with power to legislate –which we thought we had reserved to a legislative branch of government – while now via imperial decrees – which are called “executive orders” – he himself alone legislates enacting his imperial “laws” which are not based on and are usually contrary to the will of the people.

    And now our country, at his bidding, is divided – making what we called “domestic insurrections” in 1776 look like picnics – while he purposefully pits one group against another, making Americans hate Americans, to increase his power.
    What was written in 1776 applies to our current despot: “A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

    For some time we have been inclined to suffer, while evils were sufferable, rather than to right ourselves by leaving our loved homeland so that we are not subject to the new form of aristocracy here in the colonies. Since in this day and age change as occurred in 1776 is unrealistic and politically impossible, we humbly and earnestly ask, no, we beg and beseech you, that you most seriously consider allowing us to rejoin you so that we can again lift our heads high with others who respect human dignity, who value the Creator-endowed inalienable rights of all men and women, and who believe that government is of, by and for the people.

    God bless the Queen; and God bless America.
    Sincerely, the People of the Unites States of America

    PS: All rights reserved in the event of a “Queen Camilla”

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