Our Government is Prepared to Make War Against Us

On September 30, 2011, the President of the United States authorized the targeting and assasination of an American citizen.  That president was Barack Hussein Obama.  The citizen was Anwar al-Awlaki.  The method of annihilation was an AGM-114 Hellfire missile.  The citizen was obliterated.  There was nothing left for burial.  Two weeks later his teenage son was targeted and killed in the same manner.  Born in Denver, he is believed to be at least the fourth American citizen assasinated on orders of the Obama administration.

Now we jump forward three months, to New Year’s Eve of 2011.  The date was intentionally chosen by the Obama administration.  It was a weekend holiday when most Americans were more interested in attending parties than tracking their government, and a time  when the major news outlets were less than attentive.  President Obama signed the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), including Amendment 1031, a law granting to the United States military the right to detain US citizens indefinitely without charges, without legal advice, and without trial.

This is expressly forbidden by the Constitution.  It qualifies as one of the nightmare acts of government that specifically inspired our nation’s Founders to limit the powers of government.  Proud Englishmen with respect for the law, they had far too often seen the contempt of the British monarch for his own citizens.  Colonial citizens had often been arrested and detained by agents of the Crown without warrant, without specific charges, without legal advice, and without trial.  They refused to construct a government of their own that could do likewise, yet that is what we now have.

If you think the title of this post is incendiary, then I hope you’ll aim your concern at its cause rather than its author.  A pall is descending on America.  Where is the indignation?


6 thoughts on “Our Government is Prepared to Make War Against Us

  1. Where are our elected officials on this? Where is Rep. Palazzo? While I supported him vigorously a year ago, it did not take long to experience buyers remorse. Tedgridine (sp?) would be shouting from the rooftops,or so I would like to believe.Frustrating to be on the outside looking in without our elected speaking our feelings, or maybe none of our elected really share our concerns.

    • There must be something in it for them. That is the only response that I can think of for our elected officials to allow this; support it even. Think about it: They are currently in power. You want power? Too bad. You can be put in jail on trumped up military charges, and there you are. They stay in power without contest. It was really only a matter of time. Think Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

  2. I have shared posts on this subject a couple of times (without comment) since I confirmed that it was true. I could not believe it when I heard. I truly believe that apathy has set in. Our society has allowed other civil liberties to be usurped, so why not our right to due process, speedy trial, etc.? We are ripe for the picking. Sad.

  3. @CRJ Waveland – I can tell you where our elected representatives where: They all voted for it! Palazzo, Cochran, Wicker all voted “aye”. I am absolutely stunned that our elected officials would vote for this unconstitutional amendment to the NDAA.

    • Thank you Sam. These folks no longer live in our world and have absolutly lost touch with their constituents.I hereby resolve to work towards their political demise,which seems only fair, because ours is almost certain.

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