John McCain Set to Endorse Mitt Romney

The Iowa caucuses are over.  Bachman is out, Perry is going back to Texas to lick his wounds, and Huntsman looks pathetic.  Gingrich seems destined for a snarky meltdown.  Santorum took second place but he doesn’t have the national organization to go much further.  My sense is that the results in Iowa show us again the major fault line between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul that is likely to dictate the future of the GOP–and its chances of beating Barack Obama.

Now comes Sen. John McCain, who is set to offer his endorsement to Romney–whom I still believe will be the Republican nominee.  This is the same John McCain who “underwhelmed” Republican voters in 2008 by running an anemic campaign against Obama.  It makes sense that Romney would woe McCain; in my estimation they are political birds of a feather.  I don’t think Romney will excite the GOP electorate anymore than McCain was able to do four years ago.

Results in Iowa stiffen my resolution.  As reported on the terrific blog by Prof. William Jacobson (, Romney only managed to gain 66 more votes yesterday in the caucuses than he did in 2008.  In other words, the statistics demonstrate that the heartland of America is no more excited about him now than they were in 2008.

From here it’s on to New Hampshire in a few days.  If this plays out as I think it will, Barack Obama has a strong chance at reelection.  Now I’m going to find my blood-pressure medication.  I need a second dose.


4 thoughts on “John McCain Set to Endorse Mitt Romney

  1. Hi Pat,
    I have not decided whom to support … I’m watching the process do what it’s supposed to do and I will decide when there is a nominee. As for the Mississippi primary, I’ll certainly vote, but I’ve not decided for whom!

  2. Hard to figure out what team McCain is playing for. McCain, while aknowleging his sacrifices to this country, is so uninspiring I get sleepy with just the mention of his name. I think his endorsement of Romney is in fact going to hurt Mitt in the short and long term because Mitt is himself very , I believe, bland .

  3. Let me put it another way, if one of the current candidates is the person chosen by the GOP will President Obama win the election in your opinion?
    Also, who might you like to see get the nomination excluding the current candidates.
    Is Gene Taylor running or not? You must be very disappointed that the Republicans gave their stamp of approval to Palazzeo (sp?)

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