More Federal Intrusion into Your Personal Healthcare

Although this news has been out for a few months, you’ll soon be hearing more about it.  According to the Associated Press, the federal government is assuming more control over your healthcare choices.  How?  By designing–and then undoubtedly mandating–what basic benefit packages must look like for those of us who have private insurance.  It appears that this will affect about 68 million Americans, and the AP points out that this is a bigger number even than the total of those enrolled in Medicare.

Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary for the Obama administration, has announced that the feds will hold “listening sessions” to see how the public reacts.  To my mind, that’s nothing more than a smoke screen to make us think that we really have influence on this process.    It ranks with the falsehoods that were aimed at the public by the supporters of Obamacare when it was being debated, and before it ultimately passed the Democrat-controlled Congress. 

We were told that federal healthcare reform would lower costs, that it would not lead to a single-payer system, and that those with private coverage could keep it.  Facts are now emerging that suggest these comments to have been nothing but political cover.  The Socialist Democrat agenda is roaring toward the day when all healthcare in the United States is handled through a single-payer, federal system.  This move on the part of the Obama administration is simply one more step in that direction.  In the end, it will cause more expense, and it will limit options for us all.

Why is health insurance so expensive in the US?  Well, part of it is the insistence by state and federal officials that they be allowed to dictate what insurers provide.  That means lots of us are paying for things in our healthcare that we don’t need and probably don’t want.  Health insurance will decline in cost when a truly free market is available for healthcare coverage:  when we are able to shop freely, pay only for what we need, and avoid all other forms of coverage. 

This will necessitate personal choices and personal involvement.  That’s how the market works.  Right now we have just the opposite of a free-market system in healthcare and in health insurance.  It’s costing us dearly, and with more government intrusion that cost is going to increase.  I guarantee it.


2 thoughts on “More Federal Intrusion into Your Personal Healthcare

  1. OK, I’ll bite: “lots of us are paying for things in our healthcare that we don’t need and probably don’t want”. Like what? give me two or three good examples.

    “…when we are able to shop freely, pay only for what we need, and avoid all other forms of coverage”. Right…so if you decide that you don’t need coverage for, say, heart surgery – and then opt not to pay it – and then you have a heart attack – I suppose you’ll be just fine with the rest of us sitting on the sidelines saying, “well, it was nice to know you. Too bad you made a stupid decision. Have fun dying!”

    Health care costs are so atrociously high because doctors and hospitals charge exorbitant amounts of money! I know of one person whose open heart surgery was $150,000. Yes, you heard that right: $150K for a 3-4 hour procedure and about 4 days in the hospital. Let’s see…I teach 12 hours a week – so at that rate, I ought to be making…what?…$150K a week for my expertise (I’m at least as well trained as any surgeon)?

  2. Hello to my friend, Chris … thanks for reading my blog, professor! Here are a few replies to your inquiry.

    Regarding your first question, states put requirements on insurers all the time by telling them what they must cover. It’s different from state to state, but it’s easy to research. Every time an insurer is forced by law to add something else to a policy’s covered items, the cost for everyone goes up. Some states require insurers to provide birth control, and some require them to cover erectile medications.

    For your second paragraph, yes, I certainly believe that people should be held accountable for their stupid decisions. But on the other hand, fewer people would probably act stupidly if they knew that government was not going to step in with the money of other people to save them.

    As for your final paragraph, I won’t argue that hospitalization costs are high. But I will take exception to the notion that this is caused by the free market. It’s caused by the opposite of the market: government intervention and lack of consumer responsibility in making healthcare decisions.

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