Remember the Vote to Increase the Debt Ceiling in August? It’s “The Gift That Keeps on Giving”

In a move that seems destined to add insult to outrage, President Obama is about to get another $1.2 Trillion increase in the already outrageous debt ceiling.  Who helped him make this possible?  Speaker John Boehner and the majority of the GOP, including my senators (Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker) and my representative (Steven Palazzo).

As reported by Reuters, the President will ask for this increase by the end of this week.  And he’ll likely get it because the debt deal that was reached back in August gave him the authority for further increases that are automatic unless Congress specifically votes against them.  Where is Congress?  On Christmas break, of course.

If Boehner, Cochran, Wicker, and Palazzo are conservatives–as they constantly claim they are–they’ll insist that Congress return immediately to deny this request.  That won’t happen, dear reader, so ask yourself why.  Then go back to your dictionary and check on the definition of “conservative.”


3 thoughts on “Remember the Vote to Increase the Debt Ceiling in August? It’s “The Gift That Keeps on Giving”

  1. John, this is old news – we knew this back in August, as you say. Quite frankly, it’s good news: this country can’t take another deadlocked congress. The Tea Party already did irrevocable damage to our country by impeding a necessary increase of the debt ceiling (given that we spend more than we take in). I certainly don’t want to see that fight again.

    If you want to rail against spending, fine. Pass a new budget. But don’t pass a budget and then refuse to pay for what you ordered. What the Tea Party SHOULD have done, in my opinion, was not hold up debt ceiling raises but vote for a more limited budget in the first place.

  2. Chris, we’ll have to disagree on this one. There is NO reason to increase the debt limit. I stand entirely and irrevocably against any increase in the debt. Our problem is spending, not income. The feds are experiencing the highest amount of tax income in our nation’s history. The Tea Party has asked only for fiscal responsibility. Laying blame upon them for any “irrevocable harm” is unrealistic and is simply an expression of your misunderstanding of our current economic woes.

    As for “old news,” I must confess that I did NOT know that the August deal gave Mr. Obama the power to raise the debt further. I’d plead stupidity except for one thing: the laws passed by Congress are so dense that even the members of that once august body don’t read them closely!

  3. More folks agree with the TEA Party than the current members of the Repulican party. Soon the republicans will be hanging on the coat tails of the TEA party instead of the Repulicans thinking they have graciously allowed the teapartiers to hang out with the ‘real’ conservative partiers.

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