Printing All the Political News That’s … Been Around a While?

 In an article published today, the Sun Herald demonstrates why print media either has to change or go the way of the dinosaur.  One of its front-page articles is entitled “Potential Palazzo Challengers Lining Up.”  Written by Geoff Pender, it’s hardly worth front-page status since it reports absolutely nothing that is new.  Everything in the article is a rehash of what’s been around the blogosphere for weeks.  In addition, the title is misleading in its claim that challengers are lining up.  It reports only a list of those who are “pondering” a run against Rep. Steven Palazzo.  In other words, at this point they are just potential challengers. 

All of the contenders listed by Pender are among the well-known players of their respective parties:  Democrat Gene Taylor (former ten-term congressman), Republican Michael Watson (state senator for District 51), and Republican Brian Sanderson (a coast businessman who helped lead Gov. Barbour’s  post-Katrina recovery and whose wife is a policy director for the governor).

There is no mention of the other names that have been circulating in the 4th Congressional District, nor is there any substantive analysis of what must be happening in the ranks of the GOP leadership that would allow “big names” in the party to consider a primary challenge to Palazzo.  Has he become an embarrassment to the Republicans?  Has it become that obvious that he has been advanced beyond his abilities? 

To his credit Pender does list the issues that are causing dismay among Palazzo’s constituents and he did interview representatives of the Tea Party who are rightfully disgusted by the freshman representative’s record since his election in 2010.

According to the article, Palazzo stated recently that “overwhelmingly the people sent me up here to be responsible” and “level-headed.  They didn’t send me up here to be reckless, dangerous, to shut the government down or to default on the national debt.”  Yet, as genuine conservaties would have it, he’s done exactly what he says he hasn’t.  His support of the debt-ceiling increase was neither “responsible” nor “level-headed.”  True conservative leadership, which Palazzo claimed he would give us, would have refused a debt increase. 

Such a vote would have sent an immediate signal to his district and to the world that he was serious about bringing government spending under control.  Putting us deeper into debt was not an example of leadershipIt was an example of party loyalty.  As an assistant whip, Steven Palazzo fell in line behind Speaker Boehner and the rest of those Republican sheep who are assisting in the economic demise of a great nation. 

Essentially, their vote to raise the debt limit (August 1, 2011) accomplished two immediate things:  it brought about a reduction in the national credit rating from Standard and Poor’s Rating Services and it turned on another spigot of cash for the Democrat Party and its union allies.  Most disastrous of all, it moved Barack Obama one big step closer to re-election.

For a guy who is a CPA, Mr. Palazzo isn’t very good with numbers; he should rethink his comment to the Sun Herald about being voted into office “overwhelmingly.”  He only received about 5% more votes than Gene Taylor.  He has some election worries, to be sure.  Big worries.


3 thoughts on “Printing All the Political News That’s … Been Around a While?

  1. I had hopes that we had a real conservative in John Switzer and , money is few but we must be creatures of our convictions. What you say John. It’s probably too late to win, but It aint too late to live up to your core convictions, regardless of outcome.

    • Hey John,

      It’s Ron Williams

      I will be running as the Libertarian candidate for the 4th district.

      I, like so many others, realize that neither Dems or Reps can be trusted with the issues. The candidates say one thing, and then, under party pressure, vote completely different on the issues.

      This “forgetting” what they promised has gotten old.

      Please help me in my endeavour to be part of turning this Country around. Our children deserve this.


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