Barack Obama’s Speech in Kansas: A Communist Manifesto for Our Times

 No matter how many times they’re rejected by their constituents, the ideas of the Ultra-Liberals never go away.  They get repackaged and rebranded.  Karl Marx had his Communist Manifesto; Barack Obama has his speech from Kansas.

Writing for the Baltimore Sun, Jules Witcover says Obama has finally found “his voice.”  Perhaps it’s better to say that he has now become bold enough to speak outloud using the internal voice that has always guided him.  With this speech Obama has come out of the closet:  he is a Marxist through and through.  Like all good Marxists his political language is flowered with talk of equality, but it is regulated by force.  And it is directed by a powerful political class enjoying the finest that life has to offer.

What matters to Obama and his like-minded liberal elites is not the building up of a nation and its people but the tearing down of a society so that they can maintain power and cherry-pick for themselves the positions of prestige and wealth.  Being a narcissist, Obama believes he can do this through the sheer force of his will.  He lectures Congress, he calls down the Supreme Court, and he pressures the leaders of other nations.  In his own mind he is the good-hearted dictator who acts for the ultimate good of his people. 

As political commentator Charles Krauthammer has said, you cannot understand Obama just by listening to his words.  They are nothing but theatrics, designed to distract us from his true agenda.  When you hear him speak on television, turn down the volume and let the picture inform you.  As distasteful as it is, drink in the image.  He is one one man, arrogant in his posture, wealthy in his dress and lifestyle, and surrounded with the trappings of power.  Has any imperial leader in history ever done a better job of packaging himself for consumption by the masses?

He cannot implement his vision by telling us the truth.  Most of us would reject it out of hand.  And so he lies.  He pits us against one another because a divided nation is easier to rule.  Gradually, and with increasing speed, he and other political elites are withdrawing the liberties that make it possible to respond in opposition.

Operation “Fast and Furious” is a perfect example.  Weapons were purchased in the United States by agents of the federal government and provided to Mexican drug lords.  Thousands of weapens of every type.  The intended goal was that once these weapons began showing up in the drug wars south of our border, public opinion in the US would support stricter gun laws.  But it backfired.  The truth of this governmental deception is now emerging.

Transfer this scenario to our economy and the disastrous decisions that are destroying our economic vitality.  Mr. Obama and his elite cronies are telling us that this worsening situation is not their fault.  They are doing everything they can to help the economy, not to destroy it.  Turn off the volume.  As Krauthammer suggests, ignore what is being said and watch what is being done.  Remember that during his campaign Barack Obama promised a fundamental remaking of America.  It has begun.

Overextension of the national and international debt are intentional.  To remake the global economy a disaster is needed:  “out with the old and in with the new.”  The house of cards is soon to fall.  The economic endgame is near.  The European economy is about to collapse.  Our collapse will come soon afterward.  There are already calls around the globe for ending the American dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  The Obama Administration has sent signals to the world that this is acceptable.  What will take its place?  A new centralized, global control of currency.

This is the brave new world into which Barack Obama is leading us.  His “new nationalism” is global citizenship where the rights of a nation’s citizens are subject to ratification by a centralized global authority.  If he told us of these plans, most of us would reject this loss of national sovereignty.  It’s blatantly unconstitutional.  Like “Fast and Furious,” the goal is to manipulate public opinion.  If no crisis is at hand, a crisis must be  invented.  The advocates of centralized global finance are convinced that if the collapse is painful enough we will accept their solution imposed from above.


2 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Speech in Kansas: A Communist Manifesto for Our Times

  1. Your words on this is exactly how I feel. No one could have said it better. I hope you keep writing and speaking out. I don’t think that the general public sees this.

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