SEIU: Greedy for Power and Cash

Making Politics Work for Whom?

"Making Politics Work" -- for Whom?

A bill (HB 4003) has been introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives to reverse a policy that is so vile that it’s hard to imagine anyone ever supporting it.  Yet is was not only supported by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), but instigated with their support.

A few years ago, with the support of SEIU, the now-defunct Michigan Quality Community Care Council had the parents of adults afflicted with cerebral palsy classified as “caregivers” under state policy.  Of course they’re caregivers–they are parents of patients with tremendous needs.  But that burden wasn’t enough for SEIU.  By having these parents so classified, SEIU was able to rob them of $30 a month–taken automatically from the monetary aid provided them by the state of Michigan.

And just where did this $30 go each month?  It went directly to SEIU as a form of dues.

It is the inherent right of all workers to organize unions, but what happens when those unions are out of control, when they amass too much power, and when they can steal “dues” from parents caring for their loved ones with cerebral palsy?  Their power needs to be curtailed.

Let’s hope that the Michigan House of Representatives fixes this problem.


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